Promotion DEALS


Our Spring Water in any deal can be delivered as needed with a minimum order of only two bottles per delivery. You can set up a standard order for automatically receiving 15L x 2 bottles water either fortnightly or monthly, and then adjust bottles number as needed when you see our driver.

DEAL 1: $149.00 for rent an water cooler and 3-bottles-rack for 12 months, including 15L x 4 bottles water and 350ml x 12 bottles;

DEAL 2: Purchase a Brand New Room Temperature & Cold Floor Standing Cooler for $199.00, including FREE 15L x 4 bottles, 3-bottles-rack and 350ml x 12 bottles with your first delivery.

DEAL 3: Purchase a Brand New Hot & Cold Floor Standing Water Cooler or Tea Machine for $199.00.

DEAL 4: Buying 2 bottles AROONA Spring Water at Woolworths or Coles any Store, Share the receipht of WW or Coles to your facebook, WhatsApp or Wechat, FREE get 12 bottles of AROONA 1L Water to be delivered to your place. AROONA Water is bottled by Blue Mountains Natural Spring Water at Source.(Condition: Limited to Blue Mtns Natural Spring Water existing customer, every customer account can only enjoy this deal once).

Cash, Cheque, EFT, Credit card or Direct Deposit are accepted
Blue Mountains Natural Spring Water is a fortune gift from nature

The water is sourced and bottled in the pristine Sydney Blue Mountains National Park. It is naturally filtered over the years through layers of million year old sandstones. We pump it directly into the bottle at the source located underground. There are no additives, no treatment and no contamination, thereby keeping the natural quality and original integrity. Our water contains a unique natural mineral substance called "Zinc" which is scientifically proven to lift energy.

Our FRESH and UNIQUE product gives us the most Premium Brand Natural Spring Water in the Sydney market. We are ABWI & HACCP Certified and have passed the stringent guidelines for accreditation as a NSW Government Contractor. We regularly supply water to NSW government offices, such as Fire & Rescue, Police NSW, Sydney Trains, Hospitals and Schools including Sydney University, Macquarie University and UTS.